JUSTPRO is a MES Company that has more than 15 years of experience dedicated to the detailed integration of high level ERP platform with the complexities of operational processes and automation, based on the CPS concept. JUSTPRO MES software suite enables the connectivity between online systems and offline objects and machineries, this involves data communication and process execution between MES and ERP systems, hardwired integration between ERP and machineries or automation controllers via the JUST-MES system, jobs and process execution, data capturing and information processing, products quality control and assurance.

JUSTPRO has excelled at the frontiers of Industry 4.0 revolution, integrated with "cyber-physical production systems", our JUST-MES comprehensive manufacturing execution solution provides the user with full real-time control and transparency into the factory and manufacturing process, sensor-laden "smart products" and machineries connected enables the processes to govern themselves in a decentralized and modular manner, Smart embedded devices can work together wirelessly through direct communication or via the Internet 'cloud' - the Internet of Things (IoT) which once again helps to revolutionize the business process and production, by using RFID or Barcode labels, non-intelligent items such as material or hand tools can be connected together as a part of IoT, and can be fully traced and managed.



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