JUSTPRO's powerful financial solutions provide comprehensive financial and cost accounting functionality and controls. Financial  data  is  always  current  thanks  to  real-time  integration  between  JUSTPRO  financial, distribution and manufacturing solutions. Financial processes can be extended to the web or integrated to other applications using JUSTPRO e.net Solutions.

The General Ledger module includes a powerful Report Writer that accommodates a range of reporting requirements from quick reports for internal reporting purposes to boardroom quality reports to fulfill statutory requirements.

The bread and butter transactions of payables, receivables and T-accounts are seamlessly integrated with the inventory and sales and procurement modules. Tax regulations catered for by JUSTPRO include the VAT and GST systems used in the world's major economies with advanced geographic logic and withholding tax options. Cross-module Tax Return functionality allows for easy tax compliance.

Management Accounting is made easy with JUSTPRO's methods of inventory costing that include standard, average, FIFO, LIFO and last cost.

Activity Based Costing and Actual Costing are further options as is Landed Cost Tracking which enables greater control of all associated costs by providing visibility of imported goods through shipment trading, resulting in accurate landed costs.

Budgeting and forecasting for different parts of the business can be managed with JUSTPRO. Our Sales Analysis solution allows for the setting of sales targets to manage sales performance. Inventory Forecasting, predicts future sales and identifies those products that contribute the most in terms of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold or hits.

JUSTPRO Financial Analysis comprises a set of tools that enable managers to forecast and perform what-if analysis on financial data. The tools include:

  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Budgeting and Planning functionality
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