As an industry that is volatile and whose fortunes depend on the health of other industries, machinery and equipment producers must be operationally excellent and able to ride out the market swings to which the sector is subject. These manufacturers require solutions that:

  • allow costs to be tightly controlled;
  • track products through the manufacturing process and along the supply chain;
  • permit communication and collaboration with critical suppliers and customers;
  • support rapid time-to-market for new products;
  • manage orders and inventory in order to adopt Lean manufacturing principles.

JUSTPRO offers small and medium machinery and equipment manufacturers a comprehensive range of technology solutions at a competitive cost point and in support of lean manufacturing:

  • Financials – to help manage capital, track expenses, and assess customer and product profitability
  • Contact Management and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange, US Solution) – to accurately communicate with a bewildering array of global suppliers
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) – to enable rapid integration of suppliers', customers' and other business partners' systems
  • Planning and Scheduling – to manage the intricate parts scheduling, fabrication and assembly process of unique items
  • Supply Chain Management - to successfully orchestrate the movement of parts to support Lean manufacturing, minimising inventory carrying costs
  • Full traceability through all transactions, enabling the reduction of inventories and improved capacity utilisation, including Lot Traceability to monitor performance of suppliers, engineering changes and facilitate recalls
  • Quality Control – to minimise reverse logistics, warranty repairs and other costs
  • Easy integration with computer aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD and CAM)
  • Engineering Change Control to augment or eliminate the paper trail that traditionally accompanies changes to product design data
  • Factory Scheduling to facilitate the management of the supply chain, from planning and execution to the identification and remediation of potential problems
  • Assets Register to address the asset intensive nature of the industry by providing planning and control tools for capex expenditure and asset depreciation Joomla 3.3 Templates