JUST–EDI (Electronic Document Interface) enables you interchange business information with your customer as simple and economical as possible. You can use our EDI development software to customize and configure your specific EDI message formats.

JUST–EDI is intended to help you make basic choices about how to best implement an EDI program at your company. You can use our EDI development expertise to customize and configure your specific EDI message formats, or we can fully manage your customer data interchange should you choose not to host the solution yourself.

JUST–EDI implementation requires both business decisions and technical decisions.  In order for EDI to be successful, your company must be committed to exchanging EDI transactions on a regular basis.  Another key to success is your willingness to allocate the resources necessary to set up and install appropriate EDI software.  JUST–EDI is ready to assist you with a state-of-the-art EDI network, specifications for pursuing your own EDI software solution, and a dedicated EDI help line. 

What JUST EDI Can Do For You?

  • Saving cost - Computer to computer exchange is much less expensive than traditional methods of document exchange. Processing a paper-based order can cost up to 70 USD, whereas using EDI costs 1 USD or less.
  • Improve customer loyalty - through shared use of effective and efficient EDI systems.
  • Reduced Errors - greater accuracy of information with less effort, through reductions in data entry requirements. 
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