SYSPRO Accounts Payable gives you control and management of your organisation's expenditures.It improves cash flow, provides timely, accurate and efficient control of invoice processing, the payment of bills, the application of discounts and the total expense analyses that help to maintain close relationships with suppliers.It turns the tedious and time-consuming accounts payable process into a manageable piece of your corporate puzzle.

The Accounts Payable system provides an efficient method for recording purchases and supplier invoices as well as making expense distributions. It can be installed stand-alone or integrated with other modules in the SYSPRO system. Included are facilities for maintaining, verifying and reporting supplier account information. The module offers optional two-step invoice entry that allows users to enter, approve and then pay an invoice.

Extensive audit trails and journals form an integral part of this Accounts Payable software. Against each supplier, invoice and transaction details are retained from which cash requirements, forecasting and purchase analysis may be printed. Suppliers can be held in local or foreign currency and multi-branch accounting is available. In addition, free-format checks and remittances can be designed, simplifying the entire accounts payable cycle.

The benefits of Accounts Payable

  • Multi-branch and multi-currency
  • Multi-period accounting for timely period-end rollovers
  • Forecast of current and future cash requirements for improved cash flow
  • Support for diverse tax systems, such as TAX/ VAT/GST/Canadian HST, for global processing
  • Invoice registration system for payment authorization control
  • Secure authorization of registered supplier invoices
  • Recurring invoice function for rapid processing of repeat charges
  • Goods received note system for tracking accruals, matching invoices and controlling price variances
  • Flexible payment methods, concurrent payment cycles, and automatic calculation of settlement discounts for efficient invoice settlement
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT), manual and automatic check processing, and bulk emailing of remittances for streamlined payment runs
  • Void check processing for rapid reversal of payments processed in error or returned
  • User-defined stationery formats for company- specific checks and remittances
  • Full purchase order receipt and invoice history, as well as purchase analysis for supplier planning and general ledger transaction audit trails

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