SYSPRO Cash Book allows optimal cash management by providing system-wide bank reconciliation, as well as tracking information on cash inflows and outflows. Cash Book is part of the set of financial analysis solutions provided by SYSPRO to enable managers to forecast and perform what-if analysis on financial data.

It provides a daily means of recording details about sundry deposits and withdrawals, maintaining Cash Book bank balances, reconciling and adjusting entries, and printing online checks. Entries can be posted manually or automatically and the amounts can be distributed to a number of ledger accounts, including those belonging to other companies.

The Cash Book system allows you to set up multiple banks in both local and foreign currency. You can run it standalone or integrated with other modules in the SYSPRO system. In addition, you can produce online checks and remittances, bank reconciliation statements, consolidated statements and a bank balance report. An electronic bank reconciliation facility is also available. 

Although this system is mainly used to capture movements on bank accounts, it can also be used for petty cash. Part of cash Book is the Cash Flow Forecast functionality that allows managers to view the company’s projected cash position into the future by applying outstanding payables (cash requirements), receivables (payment projections) and other cash projections, to the current bank balances. The information is presented to users in graphs and list views by means of Configurable Queries, as well as reports through SYSPRO Reporting Services.

The benefits of Cash Book

  • Fast, accurate bank reconciliations
  • Visibility of current cash book and bank balances, as well as reconciled and unreconciled transactions
  • Integration of account-based payments from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, with online drill-down to source transactions
  • Multi-period accounting for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable entries
  • Manual and automatic check payments, as well as electronic fund transfers (EFT), for non- account bill settlements
  • Interbank transfers
  • Inter-company postings
  • Cash flow forecasting and projections
  • Full transaction history, as well as cash book and reconciliation reports

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