SYSPRO’s Landed Cost Tracking (LCT) provides visibility of imported goods through shipment tracking and enables greater control of all associated costs, resulting in accurate landed costs. It enables you to track shipments of imported goods, monitor the progress and estimated arrival times of shipments, and establish a reliable estimate of the overall cost of imported goods.

Furthermore, it aids the calculation of a more accurate actual cost at which to receive the goods and provides an actual cost comparison to the various estimates made during the procurement cycle.

The benefits of Landed Cost Tracking

  • Identification of all cost elements associated with imported goods for better estimates of landed costs
  • Estimated landed cost for each product through accurate cost apportionment based on volume, value, quantity, etc.
  • Tracking of shipment arrival dates
  • Pre-costing of shipments for streamlined receipting
  • Goods Received Note (GRN) system to trace element costs for accurate invoice matching
  • Multiple tariff codes
  • Automatic update of expected arrival date when shipping date is revised
  • Archiving of completed shipments and associated costs

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