SYSPRO's ERP Inventory Management Software enables effective customer servicing and improved profits by providing superior Traceability, Recall Management and Stock Control across the entire Supply Chain.

Our inventory management solutions ensure:

  • Coordination  - The key elements that drive inventory across the supply chain are coordinated, tracked and controlled to optimise inventory.
  • Standardisation - Standard analysis of slow-moving, excess, active and static stocks to enable targeted promotional and product rationalization programs, as well as accurate obsolescence provisioning.
  • Improved Utilisation - Improved warehouse utilisation and systems for the procurement and production scheduling teams.

The benefits of Inventory Management

  • Effective control of supply and demand
  • Costing methods per warehouse: average, standard, last, LIFO, or FIFO
  • Actual cost tracking for lot traceable or batch serialized items
  • Multiple pricing options, including quantity- based, discounted, and contract
  • Powerful queries into movements and all inventory touch-points in the system, such as related jobs, purchase orders, sales orders, where-used and available-to- promise
  • Multiple units of measure, including a separate cost unit of measure, per item
  • Replenishment rules by stock keeping unit 
  • Min/max levels, safety stock and re-order quantities  per warehouse
  • Multiple bin locations per SKU
  • Linking of key suppliers and approved manufacturers to purchased items
  • Extensive serial tracking and lot traceability with expiration dates
  • Goods-in-transit control
  • Lead times and dock-to-stock for accurate replenishment planning
  • Two-phased receipting of items to be inspected
  • Extensive security options for processing inventory and accessing transaction, cost and pricing information
  • Fully integrated into forecasting, sales orders, purchase orders, work in progress, materials requirements  planning  and  general ledger

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