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SYSPRO’s Quoting and Estimating capabilities allow you to create professional and comprehensive quotations. A highly flexible interface provides you with all the information you need to give your customers timely quotes/estimates. The Quotations and Estimates allow for the creation of a quote/estimate for either an existing customer or prospect or for either an existing inventory item or a non-inventory item.

SYSPRO lets you track changes by using revision numbers, and all supporting documentation involved can be attached directly to the Quotation.Quotation and Estimating produces a cost estimate that includes material, labor, burden, and outside services. As more and more services are being outsourced to gain manufacturing and cost efficiencies, these costs continue to be an important part of your quoting process. SYSPRO’s Quoting and Estimating gives you the ability to incorporate vendor related service costs and can be marked up as a part of your estimate.

The benefits of Quotations

  • Quotations for existing and/or custom items
  • Product Configurator for streamlined quote generation
  • Accurate time and materials estimates for manufacturing
  • Accurate estimates of expected labor, material and overhead costs
  • Bill of Materials retention for custom manufactured items
  • Supplier contract maintenance for non-stocked purchased items
  • Built-in margins to safeguard profits
  • Lost-quote analysis to improve sales
  • Optional inclusion of quotations in material requirements planning for forward planning based on acceptance probabilities
  • Job chaining for multi-level custom bills of material
  • Manual or automatic quotation numbering, optionally by branch and with prefix
  • Quotation versioning for tracking quote changes
  • Streamlined importing of details from third-party products such as CAD and Excel


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