To stay competitive and meet regulatory guidelines, organisations need to process and manage customer returns. Analysis of your RMA's can be performed to look for trends in returns for particular items or return reasons an indication of possible quality issues.

SYSPRO’s Returned Merchandise module optimises customer service with timely response to customer requests to return products and puts knowledge in the hands of customer service personnel. Customers today demand an individualised level of service for tracking and resolving these returns.

With the SYSPRO’s Return Merchandise Authorization module (RMA), returns, replacements, credits, and repairs can be handled with ease. To maintain customer satisfaction levels, you can easily create a cross-shipment to provide accurate record of items shipped before returns are received.

The benefits of Return Merchandise

  • Instant on-screen access to all return merchandise authorization (RMA) information for improved customer service and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Track reasons for returns and quickly identify issues
  • Retention of unlimited history of RMAs for tracking
  • Complete visibility of returned inventory
  • Automatic calculation of associated return charges to prevent costly mistakes
  • Verification of warranty date, price and quantity purchased for improved accuracy
  • Immediate replacement of cross-shipments for returned goods facilitates improved customer service
  • Alerts for invalid RMAs

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