SYSPRO's Sales Order solution is the heart of the distribution offering from section of SYSPRO. The Sales Order Module enhances customer service through fast, efficient order processing and accurate, timely order fulfillment. Maximise your team’s productivity utilizing our efficient grid entry design and personalisation of the screens to streamline and enhance your workflow according to your business rules.

Customer account information can be accessed to streamline the ordering process, for status, credit limits, previous orders, and to confirm the customer’s billing address and shipping addresses.As customer orders are filled and completed, Sales Order information flows through the system so you can properly invoice and ship orders. In the event of stock shortages, stock can be replenished automatically by raising a purchase order, or creating a supply chain transfer from a supplying warehouse, or creating a job for made-in items. And with the pick, pack, and ship features, your warehouse staff can identify the package each item is in, print a packing list, and automate the update of carrier tracking numbers for your customer service personnel.

The benefits of Sales Orders

  • Suitable for a variety of order-processing environments
  • Flexible entry methods, copy facilities and pricing methods for efficient customer service
  • Express entry for on-the-fly quotations and conversion to firm orders
  • Real-time access to availability, prices, substitutes and available-to-promise information
  • Margin checking and powerful pricing tools for safeguarding profitability targets
  • Multicurrency for global orders
  • Customer-based rules for tailored ordering for improved customer service and order accuracy
  • Optional tax and invoice rounding to cater for small coins
  • Sales kits with optional components
  • Serial tracking and lot traceability
  • Allocate specific products by Lot and Serial numbers
  • Manual or automatic depletion of bins/lots
  • Multiple units of measure, including cases, units and dimensions
  • Delivery promising, scheduling and picking, as well as load planning features, for streamlined dispatch
  • Support for global sales tax systems such as VAT and USA AVP

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