Engineering Change Control

Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning

Manufacturers need the ability to bridge the gap between engineering, quality assurance, and production to control and speed the process of driving new product revisions to market quickly and cost-effectively.SYSPRO Engineering Change Control (ECC) module enforces controls in product design with a user-defined workflow that can supplement or replace the paper trail that usually accompa¬nies any product design or changes to product design.

Groups or individuals are electronically notified of required actions, accompanied by instructions, comments, documents and draw¬ings.Specific actions or responses are required before the change order can move to the next step in the design and ultimate approval pro¬cess. Existing orders (sales, purchase or work or¬ders) can optionally be locked by the system, when a change order request is accepted. Prior revi¬sions of an item are archived and can be accessed for manufacturing or investigative purposes. SYSPRO provides control and visibility of this process by providing detailed audit reports for all transactions, including all historical changes and the operator performing the change to meet all compliance requirements.

The benefits of Engineering Change Control

  • Analyze and monitor engineering change information to gain insights into how material and labor changes will affect production costs and pricing
  • User-defined workflow for the streamlined control of product design changes
  • User-defined status codes for company-specific requirements
  • Automatic or manual movement between statuses
  • Association of triggers and events for automated alerts
  • Electronic sign-off for Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) for ease of tracking
  • Archiving of versions for tracking and retrieval

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