SYSPRO Factory Scheduling (SFS) provides the capability to schedule production to a detailed level considering the capacity constraints in the production environment. SFS applications range from the simple Graphical Planning Board to the very sophisticated Advanced Scheduler, with the latter classified as an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system.

SYSPRO has developed these products to utilise the strengths of the Preactor range of tools, but configured it in a way that will work elegantly and logically with the core SYSPRO modules (Work In Progress, Bill of Materials etc.).

The benefits of SYSPRO Factory Scheduling

  • Flexibility to suit your scheduling requirements
  • Accommodation of multiple manufacturing sites within a single SYSPRO company
  • Feasible production schedules, considering resource availability, constraints and shift patterns
  • Insight into the expected utilisation of resources for managing shift patterns and scheduled maintenance
  • Optional scheduling of demand from sales orders and suggested jobs
  • Accurate delivery dates
  • Progress of jobs and highlighting of late jobs for targeted action
  • Integration with existing shop floor systems via standard import/export tools
  • Option to split and store single SYSPRO operations as multiple operations in SFS
  • Closed-loop integration of factory schedules with work-in-progress, purchasing and customer order data
  • Closed-loop communication facilitated between sales people, schedulers and the production floor
  • Materials-based and multi-constraint scheduling
  • Option to schedule based on matched properties such as temperature, pressure rates or paint colors, for optimal scheduling of multiple products

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