Lot Traceability

Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning

SYSPRO Lot Traceability is designed for manufacturers that require controls over product tracking to achieve compliance and also to maintain quality and reputations. Within industries, such as aerospace, automotive, consumer packaged goods, medical device, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and numerous others, it has become increasingly important to be able to locate specific lots of finished goods to speed recalls when a defect or hazard of a particular part or ingredient has been identified.

These situations can present themselves at any point within the supply chain.Within SYSPRO, users can track a materials from vendor receipt through delivery of the product to the customer, as well as all levels in- between. Users can identify which materials require lot tracking and the stages of production where information needs to be recorded throughout the manufacturing process.

The benefits of Lot Traceability

  • Tracks the part from receipt of materials, into production and through to product delivery and inventory transaction records lot/serial information
  • Traceability of semi-finished or finished products from the supplier of raw materials through to the customer
  • Track which lot controlled items were used to produce specific finished products in manufacturing process
  • History of traceable-item transactions for accountability and customer service follow-up
  • Manual or automatic lot numbering by single products or batch
  • Optional auto-depletion of lots in issue and sale transactions
  • Optional full or sample inspection of lots during purchase order and work order receipts
  • Optional tracking of lots from component to parent
  • Shelf life and expiry date tracking
  • Expiry dates included in materials requirements planning calculations
  • Optional full or sample inspection of lots during purchase order and work order receipts
  • Association of documentation to lots with applicable certifications, specifications, and quality records


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