There are many business benefits to be gained by using SYSPRO’s Product Configurator to replace manual processes. This allows companies to work smarter and eliminate the wasted effort when tracking orders, quotes, jobs, and more.

SYSPRO Product Configurator provides a rules-based system, which enables on-the-fly configuration of highly customisable and dimensional products via a straightforward question and answer evaluation. Through the standardisation of this process the configurator can be utilised by multiple people across the organisation.

For manufacturers who want to enhance customer service and operational efficiency, the Product Configurator can be accessed via a web-based interface, enabling the efficient and accurate configuration of products.

Pre-defined user configurations are set up to control the configuration process and eliminate invalid product options and options relationships. The configuration can be set up to create a stocked parent part, non-stocked parent or both. Once the parent has been defined, non-technical people can use a Wizard to create a viable customised product for a bill of material, job, sales order, estimate, quote or a combination of these.

The benefits of Product Configurator

  • Ideal for engineer-to-order and configure-to- order environments
  • On-the-fly configuration of complex products for estimates, quotations, orders, bill of materials, and jobs
  • Uncluttered web-based interface for external configuration activities by customers or internal configuration activities by staff
  • Rules-based for viable configurations of products
  • Mandatory and optional selections, as well as selection-dependency
  • Library of common configurations for rapid processing of repeat orders

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