SYSPRO Sales Analysis provides insight into sales activities to improve sales profitability and provide information for sales forecasting and planning on a number of levels.SYSPRO Sales Analysis also assists in determining the extent to which a sales force has met its sales objectives through the provision of analysis on how well Sales people and product groups are performing compared to budgets available.

The Sales Analysis system is the focal point for the accumulation of sales data generated from other modules. Sales history is accumulated in a wide variety of user-defined formats such as: salesperson, product class, customer, warehouse, geographic area, customer class, stock code, order type and branch. Information can be displayed in bar charts or reports. Various budgets and targets can be entered based on user-defined groupings. In addition Tax and Commission reporting can be performed.

The benefits of Sales Analysis

  • Identification of the most profitable products, customers and divisions
  • Measurements of actual performance against quantity or revenue forecasts
  • Customer, product budgets and salesperson targets
  • Analysis of market trends and geographic buying patterns
  • Analysis of sales staff performance and actuals to budgets
  • Improved sales forecasting
  • Analysis of tax collections

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