JUST–TRACKING (Barcode Tracking System) utilizing Barcode/RFID to trace entire products lifecycle starts from material preparation, manufacturing, inventory W/H Receipt and transfer, to quality control and marketing sale.

In order to matching your business process, JUST–Tracking System is also flexible to be customized to meet your specific requirements.

We offer the JUST–Tracking System through Barcode/RFID which can be seamlessly linked with ERP system in connecting with material preparation, manufacturing, W/H Receipt and transfer, marketing sale, after sales and quality control.

Known to all, Barcode technology has high accuracy rate in the data loading, recording and query, error rate of data maintenance can be reduced. The integration of Barcode technology and ERP system is the current trend of logistics management.

Our JUST–Tracking System with barcode solution has focused on helping enterprise to improve utilizing management/ operating process, in order to achieve the purpose of improving manufacturing process, reducing costs of enterprise logistics operation and improving the efficiency of producing, to bring greater benefits return for the enterprise so that to improve enterprise management efficiency and industry competitiveness.

Our JUST–Tracking System can be intergrated with most of the ERP System such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Info, SYSPRO etc. 

In order to matching your business process, our JUST Tracking System is also flexible to be customized base on your requirements.





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