JUST–KanBan system is the "nervous system" of lean production, start from on sales orders or dispatch process, JUST–KanBan can automatically generates the job orders to facilitate JIT(Just in Time) production and RM ordering process. More specifically, JUST–KanBan works with 1D or 2D Barcode or RFID labeled Kanban card or product trays/bin containers to signal and to generate job orders and purchase orders.

JUST–Kanban system is combination of Barcode technology (both wired and wireless barcode scanners) and KanBan manufacturing technology. Work together with JUST–KanBan cards, by scanning KanBan cards to signal the needs to move raw materials or produce new components from the previous process to further creating purchase orders, Job orders, and dispatch notes and shipping instructions etc… With adjustable KanBan cards, the batch quantity of the cards can be adjusted electronically to add on more flexibility.

JUST–KanBan is a key technique that determines processes production quantities, and in doing so, facilitates JIT production and ordering systems. More specifically, JUST–KanBan work with Barcode labeled KanBan card, or a Barcode labeled container, to signal that more products or parts are needed from the previous process step. The KanBan contains information on the exact product or component specifications that are needed for the subsequent process step. It is used to control work-in-progress (WIP), production, and inventory flow. 

JUST–KanBan serves to ultimately eliminate overproduction-a key form of "manufacturing wastage".