JUST–MES(Manufacturing Execution System) is an integrated software solution that provides manufacturers with a powerful in-depth seamless shop floor control that entails direct interface with sensors, equipment automation, traceability of the manufacturing process and supply chain logistic process.

Based CPS concept, JUST–MES comprehensive manufacturing solution provides full execution control, managing and monitoring to the factory floor production and logistic processes. Data are collected directly from machinery controllers, electronic test equipment, robots or assembly cells, then feedback into the system where it is analyzed within a predefine algorithm and subsequently specific electronic instructions sets are forwarded to designated targets.

JUST–MES can be functional as standalone or integrated with ERP system.

The objective of JUST–MES system is to improve productivity and to optimize cycle-time, but more importantly, the system in itself naturally and inherently, provide total quality-assurance along with quality control over manufacturing. This would help any company pass demanding, rigorous independent third party audits.

JUST–MES can be configured to control process parameters, to collect in-depth production real time data, so that products defects can be  immediately identified, analyzed in detail such that corrective action plans can be launched without further  delay to optimized production processes and  to improve the quality. Ultimately there would be significant improvements in products quality and reliability.

Bridging the GAP

In today’s world, where modern business processes are managed by the system, such as ERP, MRP etc… the performance and outcome from such system are heavily dependent on laborious manual data entry generally through standard interface – keyboard and mouse. This ‘human-factor’ is widely recognized leading to initial data inaccuracies. Unfortunately inaccurate data entry often leads to system data and information not matching actual operational and production data.

Now the question is how to reduce amount of manual data key-in, and to collect data in real time? The answer is JUST-MES. it was purposely designed to minimize human inputs and let transaction be carried within the system through on-line real time management of the activities at the plant floor. 

Planning systems have been applied under a variety of titles, including Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRPII), Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP), and Manufacturing Control Systems (MCS). Also in place for many years are modern control systems that manage or control a machine’s functions such as PLCs used to run machine tools. The MES system bridges the gap between the planning system and the controlling system using on-line information to manage the current application of manufacturing resources: people, equipment and inventory.

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