For trading companies, to find a reliable supplier and good quality products with reasonable prices always is challenging, however JUST–SCM can help you simplify the process by using its unique powerful functional modules such as suppliers performance assessment, price bidding & comparison, multiple intelligence mode on quotation, EDI, quotation to order conversation, and container shipping management. JUST–SCM meets the criteria with its powerful features that help you reduce complexity while increasing your profitability.

JUST–SCM (Supply Chain Management) is the management of a network of interconnected business involved in the ultimate provision of products and service packages required by end customers.

JUST–Supply Chain Management solution utilizes specialized functionality tailored not only for the current climate, but for your business. To manage the complexity of a supply chain in today's business environment, you need JUST–Supply Chain Management solution that meets the criteria with features that help you corral complexity while increasing profitability, competitiveness, and growth. Whether your business needs a warehouse management software solution, order management system, manufacturing software solution, or a combination of many solutions, JUSTPRO can create a comprehensive supply chain management suite that improves your company's performance.

JUST–SCM will work for your specific industry and your specific challenges. By using an SCM solution created and implemented by a single vendor, you will simplify your processes and be able to focus on creating, selling, and delivering products that grow your bottom line. JUST–SCM encompasses key components like bidding, multiple intelligence modes on quotation, container management, electronic documents/documentation and order/query online. JUST–SCM implements easily to work for you today, and scale to meet your growing enterprise's future needs.
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