The Engineering Project Management we developed includes Planning, Engineering, Purchasing, Production and Wiring…

We work together and share the key information to make sure that the project can be done perfectly.Based on customer required delivery timeline, we work with factory planner to generate master production schedule and raw material purchasing plan. Also to looking into factory’s production capacity to ensure the project can been executed on scheduled timeframe.

According to the requirements, our engineer will design drawings and create the 3D model.


All the confirm information will be upload to website for review and download. Including project timeline, Purchase Order, Work Order etc…

It’s enable us to create the project scheduling as easier as possible. All the material information will import into our EPM system. The GA drawing will be converted to BOM by our ERP system. Base on the raw material purchasing plan, we can tracking the Purchaser Order on time. The Warehouse Management Solution deals with the inventory daily works. Inventory transactions can be recorded exactly where they happen through the use of barcode or RFID scanners and transmitted wirelessly to a central computer system. All the transactions can integrate into EPM systems. Additionally, Based on BOM structure, we use our tracking system to generate master job & sub job. All the jobs will be printed with barcode.

Once the drawing design has been changed, we will organize a quick meeting with relevant departments to discuss the solution, and give customer the corresponding ASAP. During the production, we use our tracking system to collect the work in progress data, and provide the tracking reports and on site photos. All the issues will be recorded into our tracking system and generate the punch list for correction and adjustment. All the production information will be uploaded to our EPM system.

Customer can track project process on time via our EPM website, as well as query the detail information of every job. During the inspection, all the issues will be recorded and uploaded to EPM system for review. Also system can provide the project progress reports. Customer can clearly understand the progress of the production. Every time, we will generate the job process reports for our customer. You can clearly understand the project progress. What’s more, the third part report or document can be integrated into our tracking system, after inspection the customized reports can be generated automatically. Joomla 3.3 Templates